Authorities Session

Sponsors meet with the Directors of the States Identification Institutes and other invited Authorities.

Day 2- Wednesday - 8/21
Meeting room
02h00 pm - 02h40 pmTSM
02h40 pm - 03h20 pmExhibitor 1
03h20 pm - 04h00 pmExhibitor 2
04h00 pm - 04h40 pmExhibitor 3

Who participates

Antonio Maciel Aguiar Filho – Vice President of CONADI
Arnaldo Fontenele de Araujo Júnior – Director of the Federal District Identification Institute
Brasílio Caldeira Brant – Director of the National Institute of Identification
Caetano Paulo Filho – Director of São Paulo State Identification Institute
Carlos César de Sousa Saraiva – President of CONADI
Marcio Pereira de Carvalho – Secretary of CONADI and Director of Rio de Janeiro State Identification Institute
Jacqueline de Oliveira Ferraz – Director of Minas Gerais State Identification Institute
Pablo Augusto Tenório de Carvalho – Director of Pernambuco State Identification Institute
Sandro Roberto Cunha Rodrigues – Treasurer of CONADI and Director of Acre State Identification Institute
Socorro de Maria de A A Ferreira – Director of Bahia State Identification Institute

Thomas Greg


August 23
02h00pm to 05h20pm
Room A – 1st floor


The opportunity to present to the Identification Institutes and Governmental Authorities your products and services.



Institutional support

Fingerprint Experts' Association of São Paulo State


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