Biometrics HITech Conference

A programme oriented to innovations.

The goals of Biometrics HITech Conference are:

  • present new solutions, good practices and technologies for human identification;
  • disseminate technical knowledge and experiences about biometrics and their applications;
  • establish integration and foster businesses between identification solutions providers and the main consumer markets of these solutions.

VI Necropapiloscopy Conference

In its sixth edition, the conference will promote the exchange of specific services and information related to forensic identification and human rights, as well as to seek the constant improvement of services rendered, given the incontestable importance of Necropapiloscopy as a safe and effective method for the identification of dead bodies.

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22 and 23 August 2018
09:00am to 06:10pm


Exhibitors at Biometrics HITech Summit 2018 have a 30-minute presentation at the conference. Anticipate and guarantee the best opportunity to present the innovations of your company to a very qualified public.



Institutional support

Brazilian Association of Digital Identification Technology Companies

Fingerprint Experts' Association of São Paulo State


Co-promoted by

National Federation of Fingerprint and Human Identification Experts

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